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Film Directing for Lazada Indonesia Video Shooting

Simple talking-heads video with b-rolls, medium crews, additional lights and camera stabilizer.

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Frequently, clients asked me to do a talking head video shooting. Many of my clients in Indonesia or outside of Indonesia use this style of video shooting for their filming projects whether commercial or editorial video. Some of my past clients such as Bloomberg, Asia Featured, Unilever Global, Indosat Ooredoo etc. And this one is for Lazada Indonesia.

I'm the film director in this filming project. The shooting took place in Jakarta in the early pandemic era. The story was about one of Lazada seller who made her business grow big by selling her products in Lazada platform/application. In short it was a success story that Lazada wants to film and expose it as an example for other seller so that they would be encouraged and to attract more seller to join into Lazada selling platform.

We were using simple mirrorless camera setup Sony A7RIII with Sony lenses, Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab camera stabilizer, additional lights from Godox and Sony lavalier microphone recorded into Zoom H6 audio recorder.

Here's some behind the scenes photo of the video shooting process.

You can watch the final results of the video here.



  • Sony A7RIII

  • Sony lenses

  • Zhiyun Crane Lab

  • Godox LED lights

  • Sony UWP D-11 lavalier

  • Zoom H6 audio recorder


How to hire me to shoot your filming project.

If you have any filming project to shoot in Jakarta or anywhere in Indonesia you can hire me. Check out my filming service price list or email me directly to to book a schedule.

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